This video is an excerpt from Ground School, our new pilot training app for iPad.

    • Pilot Perspective™

      We use a custom-built camera set up to put you in the pilot's seat. It may be beautiful to hang cameras on the outside of the airplane but as a pilot, you sit inside the airplane. Pilot Perspective™ shows you where to look and when to look there.



      Tap Target Evaluations

      After you complete the lesson we can be sure that you know where to look by using creative "tap target" evaluations. There is simply nothing else like this.

    • What people are saying...

      Very impressed with what I’ve seen of this so far. I’m starting training with a couple of new students this week and am going to have them use this. Much of the core info in any ground school is similar, what really matters is presenting in a way that is simple, logical, and engaging. I think that goal has been absolutely knocked out of the park here.


      Wow! If you’re looking to truly get ahead of the pack you need this Ground School app that Jason has put together. The content contained in the app is great for students or current pilots alike. This will likely be the best investment you make on your journey to becoming a private pilot.

    • Ground School is a complete flight training system built from experience.



      An elegant interface

      It's easy to keep track of progress and currency with an intuitive a modern design and interface.



      Expert CFI Tips

      There are tips peppered throughout the course that help tie the basics in with the practical application of the knowledge in the real world. Experience is the difference.



      CG Animations

      For subjects like Airspace and Aerodynamics a good animation can ensure that you learn it in such a way that you will never forget. When necessary we use beautiful animations to illustrate complex topics.

    • What people are saying...

      Quality Instruction at Its Best

      Jason is one of the best CFIs around. His ability to explain complex information in an easy to understand way is top notch. It’s clear that this is the result of his many years of instruction. Thanks, Jason, for helping me to fly my best.

      Great Ground School

      Jason is a top notch instructor, he has a great teaching method, one that is easy to follow and understand. This ground school is unlike any other. It keeps you on a continuous path to learning AND more importantly retaining the information. It’s a great ground school and will help anyone achieve their goal to become a safe pilot.

    • Experience is the difference.

      Ground School will bring you 20 years of expert CFI wisdom. Try it FREE.

    • What people are saying...

      A great way to self-study for the FAA written!

      Jason Miller of TFP turns on the afterburners with this new ground school study option! Fantastic visuals and animations, coupled with clearly written material vetted by multiple active CFIs. Supporting material from the FAA, such as the Pilot’s Hamdbook of Aeronautical Knowledge (PHAC) and relevant Advisory Circulars, are embedded in the app for ease of reference. Get this app, and pass your test or refresh for an upcoming Flight Review!

      Great App for student or licensed pilot!!👍👍

      My general thoughts on this app are...it’s spot on. I wish this was around when I did my PPL. I don’t think anyone(student or pilot)could go wrong with utilizing this app to its fullest potential and with one of best long time active CFI’s in the right seat..it’s a no brainer. I’ve subscribed and have been utilizing for review, it’s so worth it!! Thanks Jason and the rest of the TFP Crew!!!

    • Knowledge Recall™

      Knowledge Recall™ is a form of spaced repetition

      Studies have shown that if you can learn something repetitively, as you begin to forget, you will learn more and the knowledge will last longer. Through our Knowledge Recall™ feature the app will measure your knowledge decay over time and prompt you to take a short quiz as your currency lapses.

      This revolutionary feature will track the time since you've last seen the material, measure your knowledge decay, and prompt you to brush up with a quick review

    • Real Practice Tests

      Over 1500 real FAA questions in our database allow you to take realistic practice tests to measure your performance. We GUARANTEE you will pass your test.



      Study Your Mistakes

      After you complete a test attempt you will see which questions you answered incorrectly and now have the ability to see the answer explanation along with a source reference.

    • Download Ground School now.

      Experience matters, try it FREE.